Thursday, April 12, 2012
Hi, I just need to have a rant.. So, I seem to always be the nice one out of my friends that sacrifices stuff for everyone else. Today we were all supposed to be going shopping but then one of the girls couldnt make it, so I said that I wouldnt go either and me and her could go on Saturday instead. This morning she texted me saying that she can go in with everyone else today. My mum was already at work so I couldnt get money. This always happens to me. I'm sick of it & they dont even care!

Ranting is always welcome with me! Anyway, it seems you are in the same situation I’m in. I hate when people cancel last minute or say one thing then do the other. You should talk to them and just explain that it’s really annoying when this happens and that you’d like for them to tell you things farther in advance next time!

Good luck!

xoxo Katy

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